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Full Day of Eating on Prep – 8 Weeks Out | Keone Pearson | 4170 Calories

Full Day of Eating

Keone Pearson, a rising star in the bodybuilding world, mentored by Flex Wheeler and currently collaborating with PJ Braun, CEO of Blackstone Labs, has captured attention with his remarkable physique, characterized by a small waist, impeccable symmetry, and stellar conditioning. As he prepares for the Chicago Pro, just 8 weeks out, Pearson is set to unveil his detailed daily eating regimen during his prep phase.

Standing out not just for his physique, but also for his stature, Keone Pearson’s height adds to his impressive presence on stage. This introduction to Pearson will also give you a glimpse into his tailored workout routine, offering insights into what makes this bodybuilder a standout athlete in the competitive arena.

wake up : 5:00 am
5:45 am: starting his day with cardio for 30 min

morning cardio 30 min


1. 90 gram cream of rice
2. 1/2 cup of blueberies
3. 1 scoop of protein
4. two whole eggs(egg white and yolk)
5. 5 caps of VITA HD (Multivitamin)

Meal 1 macros

MEAL 2 (11:00 am)

1. 6 oz of chicken
2. 200 grams of jasmin rice

cooking chicken and rice with pam spray
Meal 2 for Keone Pearson
Meal 2 macros

After that Keone Pearson head to the gym having already two meals and today he is training back as you see Keone still need some size however he is genetically gifted as he got on the best looking physique in the bodybuilding world with his small waiste.

Keone Pearson headig to the gym
Keone Pearson training back


1. T-Bar rowing narrow 4×15
2. T-Bar rowing wide 4×15
3. lat pulldown close grip 4×20
4. Dubmbell incline bench pull 4×12
5. Lats pull down machine 4×20
6. Seated cable row 4×15

2 scoops of CARB HD (50 grams of carb)


1. 6 oz of tilapia
2. 250 grams of jasmin rice
3. 1 green apple

Keone Pearson eating jacmin rice and tilapia

Meal 3 macros


1. 200 grams of jasmin rice
2. 6 oz of 90% ground beef with Rib Rack seasoning

Meal 4 macros


1. 6 oz of tilapia
2. 200 grams of jasmin rice
season with mastard

Meal 5 macros


The last and final meal
1. 6 oz of chicken
2. 200 grams of jasmin rice

As we can see Keone Pearson is getting lots of carbs and still getting leaner and adding muscles, The key thing here is raising his metabolism by doing fasted cardio and many meals per day with two session of workout , His body is burning fast which why he needs to keep the carbs and protein high.

Keone Person enjoying his last meal before going to bed
Meal 6 macros

Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad
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