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How To Control Your Appetite

If you have already started a proper diet to lose fat you should be eating fewer calories than you burn.

So whether you are adding muscles from sports or not losing fat. you still need lower calories to be consumed so you will be able to lose more fat, So

Appetite control

Why many of us are not able to control your appetite

A. Symptoms

  1. Do not get full from your meal
  2. Are hungry and cannot wait for your next meal
  3. Get hunger pangs midnight

If you experience these symptoms it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are on a wrong diet course

Hunger pangs

B. Reasons for being hungry all the time

1. Stomach capacity is large:
When stomach capacity is large it is normal to feel hungry after a regular meal, the empty space in the stomach create the hunger feeling so do not get fooled and fill it up otherwise you will be having so many unused calories and your diet will get spoiled

Stomach capacity

2. Metabolism is so high

From bodybuilders and athletes to obese people who just started a diet, a healthy diet will start to increase your metabolism.

Because it does not have a lot of fat that decreased the metabolism.

A higher metabolism means a faster fat loss, faster recovery getting hungry faster.

But again if you just finished a meal and one hour your are hungry do not jump to another meal but follow your program, another thing that will increase your metabolism is that you eat 6 meals instead of 2 or 3

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Healthy meals

3. You are used to eating many calories.

If you have been consuming so much dense food and now you are just sticking to healthy meals you will feel also hungry as you are not used to eating low calories food

Eating high calorie

4. You are not eating enough protein:

If you are a person that was not doing any kind of sport and suddenly you are going to the gym or running then definitely your food should contain a lot of protein so not eating enough protein will cause you to be hungry all the time because the muscles are just starving

For Bodybuilders:

That is very common among bodybuilders if you are preparing for a competition, or in the offseason trying to increase your size, or on a cycle, you should definitely increase your protein intake otherwise you will not transform.

For more click HERE

Protein food

5. You are not sleeping enough:
Sleeping is the most important recovery tool.

No matter how much you train, and starve yourself in the diet when you sleep you recover from what you have been doing. So, not getting enough sleep can cause your appetite to be increased.

Read more about sleeping HERE

Sleep ultimate guide

6. You are not eating enough fibers:

Fibers are kind of carbs that is undigestable, simply it stabilizes the speed of the food passing through the digestive system and stabilize the sugar in the body

Those are the common reasons that make you hungry all the time.

As you can see, some of the reasons can be adjusted and some are uncontrolled so if you are eating your six meals, consuming fibers, having enough sleep, and still feel you did not get enough food then just ignore the feeling

C. Tips to control your appetite

  1. Have a good night sleep- click HERE for more
  2. Eat plenty of meals (5 to 7 meals)
  3. Drink lot of water
  4. Eat plenty of fibers
  5. have your breakfast first thing in the morning
  6. Eat low calories snacks in case of being hungery between meals (greek yogart, sugar free protein bars, zero sugar sodas)
  7. Drink tea and coffee
  8. Choose solid food rather than liquid or shakes
  9. Reward yourself with a cheat meal once or twice a weak depend on your program – click HERE for more
  10. Stick with your program mentally
Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad
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