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How to get a smaller waist

For Non-Bodybuilders and begginers

We all have a dream to have a six pack and a small waist, and it is affecting our eating habits and we have yet to see progress, are we following the wrong diet or listening to the wrong advice or maybe both, Let us find out


yes, your waist size is just associated with what you do, are you grabbing a pancake from IHOP at night with cream cheese on top and strawberry syrup, are you having a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha on your way to work or Caribou Coffee Chocolate Caramel Truffle Mocha?…

well well… as we said your lifestyle can make you either slim with a small waist or with a large belly whether a girl or a guy

let us get to the bottom of this

Based on the FDA the belly is generated from three things


1. Big Belly

Belly Bulge can be caused and become with that size for two main reasons Lack of exercise of activities and poor diet
when you do not do many activities or exercise the abs, the stomach muscles relax and then stomach size starts to grow naturally
for example, walking daily or doing any form of exercise keep your abs muscles flexing, and then your stomach size goes down
also eating a non-healthy diet, frequent high calories snack causes the belly to bloat

Bloating also can make the stomach looks large and as per Bryan Curtin, MD, MHSc director of the Center for Neurogastroenterology and GI Motility at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Bloating causes are caused by trapped gas abdominal fullness from fluids or gases and that is normally temporary opposite to the large belly which is caused by continuing bad eating habits or no exercise

2. Large Bowel (intestine)

2.1 Abdominal adhesions (scar tissue) from surgeries.
2.2 Diverticulitis.
2.3 Hernias.
2.4 Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
2.5 Radiation therapy to the abdomen or pelvis.
2.6 Twisted intestine (rare in adults).

13 Women Showing Their Bloated Bellies to Prove Extreme Bloating Is Totally  Normal | SELF
Belly AM vs PM

3. Belly Fats

Belly Fats causes are strictly from eating habits, even if you are not exercising or sitting in an office if you do eat low calories you will not form stomach fats, that is why we see in our offices’ thin guys and slim guys even though both are not workout out, still different eating habits cause belly fats and it should also cause increased fat all over the body


1. Big Belly

Having a big belly for some people they have been living with it for years and others got developed in a short period, for people that they found it impossible to lose it, the good news it is not because so many people have done it and lost their belly completely so…
A. Exercise and Activities
if you are doing daily exercise especially abs you are going to lose your belly sooner or later but if you want to speed up the process then you need to do ABS + CARDIO
check ABS complete guide HERE

ABS before and after diet

B. Eating Habits

A well-balanced diet will surely keep your stomach from getting so big, if you want to know everything about a healthy diet click HERE, having a lot of fibers low carb no sugar, and no fried food for sure will make sure your stomach won’t grow, also do not forget to cut out junk snacks like chips, popcorn with high calories toppings
reducing meal portions size and dividing to many meals is very essential to make sure your metabolism starts to be quicker and make sure no large meal will expand the stomach

one of the ways also is to remove one or two meals and replace them with a healthy protein shake, read more HERE

ABS before and after exercise

2. Large Bowel

the remedy is never difficult, starting with a cleanse which means cleaning your colon from any digestions left over
adding fibers to your food will make sure all the food is being well absorbed and reduce colon inflammation, making a blood work allergic test can give you an idea which food your body doesn’t like.
make sure to have a doctor check as there are so many other problems needs different cure but as a general certain food cause intestine bloating for most people:
most beans, milk, sorbitol, un-cooked food, greasy food
Fiber supplements can help a lot in the cleanse process like Psyllium husk

ABS before and after

3. Belly Fats

Belly Fat comes strictly from poor diet habits and eating very high calories, and as Belly is the least moving part in the body, the fat tends to get stored there, so if you are obese most probably you will have a lot of fat around the belly too, so a strict diet is the answer and after reaching a lean body shape to maintain that you have to change from a diet propective to a healthy life style to stay lean all year around

don’t forget to read a full ABS workout guide HERE
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