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Nick “The Mutant” Walker definitely is now one of the biggest bodybuilders today who was successfully able to secure top 5 positions in the Olympia 2021

Nick Walker is young and is 280 pounds in the morning so far with so much packed muscle as many of the experts in the bodybuilding industry consider him the next Mr. Olympia

In order for him to maintain that gigantic mass he eats like a monster so let us have a look at what his full day of eating looks like

WAKE UP AT (7:00 pm)

Drink his ice coffee first thing in the morning and relax

Remember guys morning meditation or relaxing is what will push you throughout the day

Nick Walker drinking his ice coffee

After 30 min of meditation, Nick will take his supplements

  1. Multi-vitamin
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Tumeric
  4. Omega 3
  5. blood pressure
  6. liver supplements
  7. Kidney supplements
  8. protein shake
  9. Glutamine
  10. digestive enzymes
Nick Walker supplements

MEAL 1 (9:20 pm)

Cream of rice, blueberries, banana, almond butter
Chicken breast with onion and red pepper

Protein: 300 grams
Carbs: 80 grams

One hour later

Preparing Intra workout supplements from revive a supplement called RAW INTRA WORKOUT which contains coconut water and electrolytes which helps maximize endurance plus creatine and post-workout shake will be EAA (Essential amino acids)


Nick Walker post workout


Chicken and Jasmine rice with jalapeno on top for flavor
That meal as all of you know is the most important meal of the day as post-workout require a replenishment so a high carb high protein meal is a must

MEAL 3 (3:30 pm)

Steak and Jasmine rice including onion and pepper and jalapeno and also 6 eggs to get a full protein type in one meal

Nick Walker third meal

MEAL 4 (5:20 pm)

Chicken and Jasmine rice, peppers, and some macadamia nut oil for essential fats
cinnamon and garlic powder for flavoring,

As you can see the meal is complete it includes protein, carbs, veggies, and essential fats

Meal 4 for Nick Walker

MEAL 5 (7:13 pm)

The same meal of 6 which is chicken breast and jasmine rice with veggies

MEAL 6 (9:30 pm)

Steak and cream of rice with almond butter

before bed supplements

  1. RAW sleep by revive – supplement aid in sleep – if you want to know more about sleeping click HERE
  2. High magnesium supplement
  3. Digestive enzymes
  4. Vitamin C


Watch the full video below

Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad is not just any pro bodybuilder; he's a testament to discipline, dedication, and drive. His chiseled physique speaks volumes of his commitment to the sport, but there's more to Mohammed than meets the eye. Beyond the weights and the stage, he's an avid writer, seamlessly weaving his extensive knowledge of bodybuilding into compelling narratives. Mohammed's articles at The Body Builder, formerly know as Body Guider, bridge the gap between hardcore training techniques and the philosophy of bodybuilding, making them invaluable resources for both seasoned athletes and newcomers to the sport. His unique blend of physical prowess and intellectual depth has earned him respect both inside and outside the gym. Through his words and his physique, Mohammed Riad continues to inspire and enlighten the fitness community, proving that muscles and mind can, indeed, coexist powerfully.

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