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Your child should eat enough protein per day because its essential for their growth and for their brain cells recovery, However the protein also should not exceed the daily limit, and we will be clarifying more in the next slides


General rule: 1-1.5 grams of protein for each 2 pounds of body weight

However The 2015–2020 USDA Dietary Guidelines recommend the following amount of protein


Protein Dosage


13 grams


19 grams

Girls 14-18

46 grams

Boys 14-18

52 grams

2.1 MILK
Milk is one of the best sources of protein for children, it contains fast and slow releasing protein, calcium and other minerals which is essential for growth also Milk derivatives is healthy too (yogurt, low fat cheese, cottage cheese, probiotics) however always try to find the organic products

Eggs is may be number one in the most important food for children , it contains an enormous amount of vitamins , minerals , protein and cholesterol which is vital for their health and growth

And let’s put down below the health benefits of the Eggs.

A. Protein
Eggs have an Average of 6 grams of protein which make the children have more focus , grow and stay active for the day

B. Choline
Choline is an important vitamin for the brain which develop it and also it enhances the memory functions

C. B12
B12 improve overall mood which is best to be taken from whole food rather than a supplement and it supply a great energy for the body

D. Essential Amino Acids
Amino acids is the building blocks for the protein and eggs got 9 type of amino acids that is vital to build the muscles

E. Cholestrol
there is a significant amount of cholesterol the researchers have found that you need to keep 300 mg the maximum intake for one day and to have an idea on the cholesterol amount the egg will have (139 mg to 185mg) from small to a large egg , and with that said its all in the yolks so you can add egg whites and keeping an eye on the protein intake which we have discussed already

F. Lutein and Zeaxanthin
Those are two antioxidants which are very important for the eyes which is in the yolds

G. Calcium
That’s an important element for the building of the children bones with 50 mg per egg

3. Beef / Chicken / Fish:

Cooking meat safely

As the children eats very low amount protein the more variety protein is taken the better the benefits of their body growth so changing the protein type from beef/ mutton/ fish / chicken is good for their growth and their brain functions

And as you know that by the age of 6 month you can introduce these protein in the form of puree and then by 12 month they can start having them normally.


What protein should children eat?

Children should eat a variety of protein-rich foods including lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products like milk and cheese, legumes, nuts, and seeds. These provide essential amino acids and other nutrients crucial for growth and development.

What is the protein requirement for children?

Protein requirements for children vary by age: ages 1-3 need about 13 grams per day, ages 4-8 require 19 grams, and ages 9-13 need about 34 grams. Adolescents aged 14-18 require about 52 grams for boys and 46 grams for girls per day.

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