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Why you should start PSMF to lose fat


Protein Spare Modified Fasting or PSMF is one of the most successful diets on the planet it has been used for so long for bodybuilders, fitness athletes, and obese people

If you have been trying different diet techniques and no achievement then believe me that one will work for you no doubt

PSMF has been studied and tremendous research has been done on so many adults and has proven to be a safe method for fast weight loss using the starving method

before you start We recommend full blood work and check with your doctor the blood analysis before your start and make sure you monitor your diet with a fitness trainer or nutritionist

What is PSMF

PSMF (Protein Sparred Modified Fasting) is a diet method which you starve your body’s calorie intake by cutting carbohydrates and fats and limiting your food to Protein and vegetables

PSMF Method

the PSMF will be simply limit your carbohydrates and fats and your meals will be strict to lean beef, chicken, and fish along with vegetables and salad which will cause your body to enter Ketosis (Ketosis is a state of fast-burning in which your body use fats for energy)

daily calorie intake should be 500 to 800 calories but for bodybuilders, the difference will be in the protein intake so for a non-athlete person will have between 1.2 to 1.5 grams of protein per kg of body weight but bodybuilders will have between 2 to 3 grams of protein per kg of body weight divided into a minimum of 4 meals

and make sure you drink plenty of water due to the high protein food

What Food Should I Eat

Lean meat, Poultry, Seafood, Eggs, Whey Protein, all kinds of vegetables except starchy ones
Cottage cheese, greek yogurt
All kinds of salad like tomato, lettuce
Sodium needs to be raised as carb intake has been limited

Excluded Food

Taro, Yam, Potato and sweet potato, bread, rice, oats, olive, jam, or even no added sugar jam as there is still fruit sugar included, No sugar-free chocolate as there is fat
All kinds of oil, Milk cream, full-fat milk, fruits, and of course no sugar allowed or any toppings

Other Food Allowed

Mustard, Soya sauce, Sweeteners, Diet sodas, No calories spread

PSMF plan

Supplements Required

Supplements are required as with calorie deficit supplements will help boost nutrition requirements


  1. Multi-Vitamin
  2. Zinc and Magnesium
  3. Vitaminc C
  4. Vitamind D1000iu if not exposed daily to sun
  5. Omega 3


  1. Multi-Vitamins
  2. Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc
  3. Selenium
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Omega 3
  6. B6 and B12
  7. BCAA
  8. Whey Protein
PSMF transformation


1. Is the PSMF Safe?
PSMF was introduced in 1970 and since then much research has been done to prove its safety, since it has been used for so many years among athletes and obese people, there was much research was done that proved that PSMF is entirely safe to read more click HERE

2. I am a Bodybuilder with a bf 20 to 30 % should I start PSMF?
There is no rule that PSMF has to be done at a certain fat percentage, it definitely boosts fat loss and will save a lot of time cutting

3. Can I add fruits or nuts to my PSMF diet?

4. Can I add skimmed milk to my PSMF?

5. How many days can I do a PSMF straight?
We recommend 7 days straight then refeed day and repeat

6. Can I have a cheat meal on the refeed day?
It depends on your physique and your body response and also your fat percentage, so if the cheat meal did not affect your progress then you can have it

7. How many lbs or Kgs should I lose per week?

There is no rule as there are many factors that influence the fat loss process

Non Athletes (Obese ) Typical Meal Plan

  1. 2 whole Eggs + salad
  2. Chicken/meat + Mix vegetables
  3. Fish + salad
  4. Chicken/meat + broccoli
  5. Greek yogurt or Cottage cheese

Bodybuilders Typical Meal Plan (based on advanced athletes quantities)

  1. 10 eggs (4 whole) + Salad
  2. 60 grams Whey Protein
  3. Meat (300 grams) + Mix Vegetables (100 gram)
  4. Chicken (300 grams)+ Salad
  5. Fish (300 grams) + Boroccoli
  6. Tuna salad or Greek yogurt
4-week transformation using PSMF


Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad
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