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Protein Bar is a whey protein isolate packed in a bar like chocolate but the difference is that the main ingredient of these bars is the concentrated whey protein as a bar and then covered in different flavors weather OREO, CARAMEL, CHOCOLATE, VANILLA and so on

The Protein bars are the most convenient on the go protein or a meal replacement or even a post workout feeder, so in the last 10 years there have been a huge developments and competition for these bars which make it now the best bodybuilding treat without sacrificing any of your diet habits


Depending on your diet routine, the Protein bar should be following, so let us see below how we select the protein bars:


3.1 Protein content
3.2 Carb content
3.3 Fat content
3.4 Sugar content
3.5 Fiber Content

3.1 Protein content
is the king of ingredients so you need to have the highest for bigger bodybuilders so let’s say for advanced bodybuilders starting from 20 grams will be the minimum and optimum is 30 grams or ever more, some protein bars even have 50 grams of protein

3.2 Carb content
Again depends on when are you going to eat the bar and what diet routine you are following so for example
eating the bar post workout you do not need any carbs so it won’t suppress the HGH -levels, on the other hand eating the bar pre workout can handle few carbs and will give you some glycogen boost during workout

3.3 Fat Content
that should be the minimum but again you need to check the fat content weather it’s saturated or not, the more the saturated fat the lower the quality of the bar

3.4 Sugar Content*
that should be as minimum as possible and, in most cases, it is zero

3.5 Fiber Content
When it comes to fiber you need at least 3 grams of fiber to make that bar healthy

*make sure the protein bars do not contain any honey or glucose syrup


That’s purely depends on your taste so now adays there is a huge variety of flavors , as if you just entered HERSHY’s store or those large candy shops in the mall, so the more the protein bar taste the higher the possibility of sugar or fats , so as we mentioned previously if you following a very strict diet so you have just left with a few options which is not bar but lets say you are on a vacation with your partner or on a weekend outing then you would go with one of those treats with caramel, peanut butter and chocolate toppings so what are those flavors are let’s see below the best flavors with our recommendations regardless of the contents :

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BSN Protein Crisp Bar by Syntha-6, peanut butter



Quest protein bar peanut butter brownie



Quest protein bar sea salt caramel Almond



MET-RX bar super cookie crunch



UNIVERSAL Hi protein bar chocolate Peanut butter



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