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When you look at any upper body arms always catch the attention, specially if you were a tight t-shirt, although Chest, back and shoulder is important but large guns do look phenomenal, specially Biceps

Going back to the golden age Arnold and lou-freigno used to have the largest biceps,

They had crazy genetics too but that’s not it there must be something else developed those crazy arms

If you also look at today’s bodybuilders there is some massive biceps which makes you wonder, how someone can develop the biceps to be like a mountain for example Roelly winklaar.

Here I will give you most of the tips that will develop your biceps which you have been suffering for years

Roelly Winklaar - EVOLVED BEAST - Mr. Olympia 2020 - YouTube


1. SUPER 21
One of the oldest Biceps exercise , it focus on exhausting the biceps from two angles lower and upper side

Step 1 : from bottom to half way 7 reps

Step 2: from half way to upper 7 reps

Step 3: from bottom to upper 7 reps

21 - GYM Workout App

2. Barbell curls
The regular EZ curls which looks like a classic workout, it is still one of the top exercises for the biceps and normally bodybuilders will start with that one so try to do 4 sets X 12-15 reps each

That was the favorite exercise for Ronnie Coleman if you remember how big was his biceps

35 Best Biceps In History | Ronnie coleman, Senior bodybuilders, Best biceps

Remember its all about increasing the weight while staying focused and doing the exercise with no cheat and keep high reps

3. Seated curls
The beauty of that exercise that there is no cheat and it do concentrate more on your lower biceps which provide a great rounded look, that exercise was also the favorite of Arnold and it gave him that rounded shape , so if you suffer from a flat biceps that exercise is for you

So we will consider doing also a minimum of 12 reps X 3-4 sets

Many bodybuilders prefer to it at last so you will not be able to cheat plus your biceps is totally exhausted so it add extra stress on the biceps and you get the benefit

5X Mr Olympia Phil Heath Training Biceps Two Weeks out from 2016 Olympia -  Evolution of Bodybuilding

P.S. so weather a machine or a bar, one hand or two hands you need to always interchange between them to get the benefit of all

4. Incline dumbell curl
That is considered the most difficult exercise of all the biceps, because you on an inclines position so you have a stress from point zero as you move up the stress increase till it reach its peak on half way and then stress drops when you reach the top,

You also cannot cheat because it do stop the momentum as your back is fixed on the bench, I suggest using less weight to do it correctly

Arm Workouts to Build Muscle and Functional Strength for CrossFit | Page 2  of 7 | BOXROX

5. Arm blaster curls
First time we have seen that exercise with that strange belt on Generation Iron with Arnold, it seem like everyone was doing it, it is considered the strongest curl you can ever get without an inch of a cheat, your elbows is totally fixed with a belt and you still doing standing curls

As you see below it looks like markus ruhl was his favorite exercise and he was having the largest biceps ever in the bodybuilding history

I suggest to use it as the barbell curls 12 to 15 reps X 4 sets

WATCH: Markus Ruhl 45, Still Has Peaky Biceps – Fitness Volt

6. Concentration curl

Start by putting your elbow touching your inner quads with arms fully open then raise the dumbbell to the highest point and repeat

This is also a good way to eliminate the cheating momentum caused by non-fixed elbow, that exercise also is great for anyone suffering from tennis elbow injury which most of us do

5-Time Mr.Olympia Phil Heath Training Arms At The NPC Photo Gym - YouTube

7. Dumbbell bicep curl

One of the most popular bicep workouts ever also it need lot of concentration as your elbow and wrist are free and that free movement increase muscle thickness as you do extra effort

The 10 Highest Rated Biceps Exercises For Arms Workouts |

P.S. you can rotate your forearm so that you get a benefit of bicep + forearm exercise or focus on biceps only that depends on your routine

8. Overhead cable curl

That particular workout makes you feel you are posing so it give that beast look on the mirror, using two D-handles you keep your elbow and arm at the same level of your shoulders , that exercise do focus on your bicep peak which give that peak shape on the double front biceps

You need to keep your elbows from movement as there is lots of cheat can be done if not done properly

Want Bigger Arms? Do This Workout With Overhead Cable Curls - American Grit

9. Biceps cable curl

It is considered an isolation exercise the same as doing normal barbell curl but the difference that the tension on the biceps is on the entire curling motion due to the presence of a cable so it gives an extra benefit by flexing the muscle on the whole movement comparing to the bar or dumbbell that will end in a certain position due to the gravity

Quick and Dirty Cable Arm Workout | Muscle & Fitness

10. Reverse Incline Hammer Curls

  1. Adjust the bench angle to a 6 deg
  2. Allow your arms to hang
  3. Put two dumbbells or a bar below and do the curl without moving your elbow

That exercise is very beneficial to focus on the upper part of the biceps

Perfect Your Biceps With the EZ-Bar Spider Curl | Men's Health


We have tried to put the most popular and most beneficial bicep workout, however its never a rule which exercise is better, it depends from a person to another, weather you are a girl or a guy old or young , genetics from each person is different , you will feel the pump from a certain exercise and you feel the benefit as well so what we suggest is to do a try all and focus on the results

And don’t listen to anyone that tells you that you cant grow you arms because you don’t have the genetics , you can always alter your genetics by training and eating,

If you ever need to push your biceps more I would suggest training them twice a week , for example:


WEDNESDAY: BACK & 4 to 6 sets of Biceps

Try that and tell us in the comments the results

Thank you


How to do biceps properly?

To do biceps properly: Focus on form by keeping your elbows close to your body, fully extend and contract the arm during curls, and avoid swinging or using momentum.

What is a good bicep routine?

A good bicep routine: Include a variety of exercises like standing barbell curls, hammer curls, and concentration curls, with 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps each, and progressively increase the weight.

How do you get perfect biceps?

To get perfect biceps: Consistently train your biceps with varied exercises, ensure proper nutrition for muscle growth, and incorporate rest days for recovery.

How should biceps be trained?

Biceps should be trained: By targeting both the long and short head with exercises like barbell curls and incline dumbbell curls, focusing on controlled movements, and varying the rep range and intensity.

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