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Chest for many bodybuilders is the favorite muscle, to be honest people with large chest muscle do look great whether you are on the beach wearing a tight shirt or even going to work with your suits on, if you have a large chest you will look massive, however many of us still experiencing stubborn chest so here we will cover all the m most workout needed and the hints that will alter the stubborn chest


2.1 Barbell Flat Bench Press

The main chest exercise it focusses on the major part of the pecs, make sure you have the full motion and always work with your maximum weights

2.2 Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

Yes, it looks similar to the bar but each hand work independently so it is much harder to control so that trigger more stabilizer muscles specially the inner part and you need to do that exercise beside the barbell as both do push the chest in a different way

2.3 Incline Barbell Bench Press

That exercise will hit your upper pecs which gives a great overall shape for the chest, and that part is considered the most stubborn part for most bodybuilders, the arms should be on the width of the shoulder and not so wide you can use either the barbell or the smith machine

2.4 Incline Bench Dumbbell Press

Again, as mentioned above in the flat bench dumbbell it is also similar to the barbell but due to the dumbbell stabilizers muscles required which will trigger more fibers and that exercise will focus on the upper inner chest as you close the dumbbell

2.5 Decline Press:

If you ever wonder how you can fix your lower chest that is the workouts you need from nice looking lower chest of the Physique athletes up to the most massive lower chest as Ronnie Coleman, they all uses the below workout to develop it

2.6 Decline barbell Bench / smith

2.7 Decline dumbbells:

2.8 Decline Machine:


There is a lot of different butterfly exercises and you have to circulate between them because each and every exercise hits a different part of the pecs let us see below:

  1. Fly machine:

Outer middle pec

2. Cross cable fly (lower chest):

Focus on lower pecs outer side

3. Cross cable fly (upper chest):

Focus on upper outer chest

4. Dumbbell fly (upper chest):

5. Dumbbell fly (flat chest):

6.  Dumbbell fly (lower chest):

2.10 Pullover:

Many people till today don’t know Pullover target the back or the chest and it depends on your technique so to target the chest you need to keep your elbows straight as possible and lower the weight down without losing your straight arms make sure your head is slightly outside the bench

If you do flare your elbows outside slightly then the exercise will move from chest to back

2. 11 Close grip chest press:

That exercise will focus on your stubborn inner part of your chest and you can do it either with bar or dumbbells


If you experience stubborn chest or having a workout without pump you have to follow below:

1. super-sets:

So basically, you will combine every two exercise together weather each exercise hits the same part upper or lower or middle of different but the target is to strain as much fibers as possible

2. Giant-sets:

If you ever heard about Milos Scarcev he is one of the best trainers in the world and he introduced the Giant sets back in the 90s, the Giant set actually can push stubborn chest bodybuilders so far that you will never feel one day they had undeveloped chest , and you will never ever again say I did not have any pump , but your chest will just be in the maximum strain as possible which is the target

You will have to put 4 combined exercises together in one go for example:

  1. Butterfly machine 20 reps
  2. Flat barbell 15 reps
  3. Flat Dumbbells 15 reps
  4. Butterfly machine 20 reps

All of that will be 1 set of 4

Imagine the pump!

3. Drop sets:

Whenever you are on your final set you will finish that set and immediately start to drop plates so for example

You are on your final set of flat barbells and you had 4 plates of 25 lbs. so, a total of 200 lbs. then your next set drop one plate each side do 10 reps then immediately drop another plate each side and keep going till you reach your final plate reps till failure

You can keep doing the same on each and every workout


Remember going to giant, super or drop sets puts a huge strain on your muscles plus it consumed lots of protein so you will have to compensate on your nutrition otherwise you will start lose instead of gain

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How can I grow my chest fast?

To grow your chest fast, focus on compound exercises like bench presses, incline presses, and push-ups, progressively increase weights, ensure adequate protein intake for muscle growth, and allow proper rest for recovery.

Is 200 pushups a day good?

Doing 200 pushups a day can be beneficial for building upper body strength and endurance, but it’s important to balance with rest and varied exercises to avoid overuse injuries and ensure overall muscle development.

Can I do chest 3 times a week?

Yes, you can train your chest three times a week, provided you allow adequate rest and recovery for the muscles between workouts to prevent overtraining and encourage muscle growth.

Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad
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