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Legs Ultimate Guide


Most of us are suffering from stubborn legs, we train heavy , we eat and sleep and still can’t get those wheels bigger what is the reason behind that, there must be some secrets that some of the bodybuilders have a huge legs, is it just genetics or there is some tips beside that, let’s find out

P.S. if you ever experience knee pain during squats you need to identify how server the pain is , I recommend you to read full article about Knee Pain HERE

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When you have been training legs for years and don’t feel the pump in your workout you must be doing something wrong let us see below

most common mistakes:

  1. You are not increasing your weight progressively on every leg session
  2. You are not changing your workout routine (angles, reps)
  3. you are doing wrong style which is not causing enough stress on the quads/ hamstring
  4. you do lots of cardio post leg session (treadmill / cross trainer)
  5. your workout takes very long time (body nutrients get lost)
  6. you do very little sets (not enough stress to break muscle fibers)
  7. you are training legs along with another large muscle
  8. doing cardio before workout
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Stubborn legs workout tips: (MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE ARTICLE)

Your stubborn muscle will always be hard to grow so there is some tricks to alter that , so weather you put lot of stress by training heavier, putting different training school routines, or more reps can help you get those great legs, remember not all of the bodybuilders with large wheels are having a good fast growing legs they are just following those tips below.

  1. Doing your very first Giant sets which is adding three to four workouts in sequence before the rest so let us take an example

SQUAT + LEG PRESS + Lunges + Front Leg raises

12 reps + 12 reps + 12 reps + 20 reps = 56 reps (ONE SET)

Repeat X 4

Imagine doing 4 sets of those , try it and let us know in the comments below what have you felt the second and the third day

  1. SUPER SETS : combining every two workout together through the entire time, so weather you do hams and quads alternately or adding every two quads and every two hams of workout without rest so let us also take an example here:
  • SQUATS (12 reps) + HACK SQUAT (12 reps) X 3
  • Leg press (12 reps) + Lunges (12 reps) X3
  • Sumo squat (12 reps) + Smith Squat (12 reps) X 3
  • One leg standing Hams (12 reps) + Leg curl (12 reps)
  • Seat hip adduction (12 reps) + seated hip inner (12 reps)

Those 10 workouts will kill your legs and push them for maximum growth afterword

Those are just examples

TIP: doing cardio the second day will help muscle recovery by pushing blood into your muscles

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Nutrition is king, as we all know , whatever you do in the gym, you are just breaking down some tissue , you haven’t built nothing, so building is when you actually eat , sleep and rest , then your body will uses those nutrition to make the muscle fibers bigger so what should you do in the same day of training legs:

  1. Increase your protein intake as you have already consumed half of your body muscle fibers
  2. Increase your carb intake
  3. You have to have at least five meals per day to maximize recovery
  4. You have to consume essential fatty acids however they should be kept to minimum if you are on a diet, so adding some avocados, olive oil or a spoon of peanut butter will do the needful
  5. Drink plenty of water to keep your muscles full and also speeds up the recovery


  1. Chicken Breast and basmati Rice
  2. Turkey Breast and pasta
  3. White fish and brown Rice
  4. Lean steak and baked potato
  5. Egg white and sweet potato

P.S. You have to add veggies and salad in every meal

Supplements will also play a major role in developing those quads, you will need to have all kinds of supplements as below:

  1. Whey protein post workout
  2. BCAA pre or intra workout and first thing in the morning
  3. Glutamine intra or post workout and first thing in the morning
  4. Multi vitamins post breakfast
  5. Zinc, magnesium before sleep
  6. Vitamin -C post workout and before sleep
  7. Adding another whey protein mid-day will also push more nutritarians
  8. You need to have joint support formulas to help your joints in your workout

So after having your heavy workout and your meals, you need to put that to work and that will only happen if you rest, and by resting we mean reduce your exhaustion, your stress levels should be kept to minimum, and we don’t mean to stop life, most of the bodybuilders got their jobs, families and business to take care of so you can still do your full day work normally but again trying to stay out of trouble getting away from stress is a good advise

You don’t need to walk 2 hours or jump on stairs on the same day unless you had to, that can reduce your overall recovery, but again sometimes if you an Engineer , officer in the army or navy or a doctor, you have to do certain things which you cannot avoid so my advise is to try to have your meals at all times, and you know what our bodies are very smart they can always adapt to new efforts done so if you have to walk a few miles , stand still for many hours in a surgery or do your Civil Engineer site work, and you have your full meals your body will adapt to the new challenge and still recover, so remember this adaptation to more effort,

Put in your mind that you need to keep your fitness level high in terms of cardio so as long as you have a strong legs , you still need to do those 30 minutes incline treadmill or step master that will boost your stamina , recovery and your fitness level and also will keep you fit during your daily life

I hope you like my article, please put down you comments below…


How do you get incredible legs?

To get incredible legs, combine strength training exercises like squats, lunges, deadlifts, and calf raises with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), ensure proper nutrition for muscle growth and recovery, and consistently vary your workout routine to challenge the leg muscles effectively.

How do you get Ronaldo legs?

To achieve legs like Cristiano Ronaldo, focus on a combination of strength training (squats, lunges, leg presses), plyometric exercises (jump squats, box jumps), and cardiovascular workouts for endurance, along with a disciplined diet and consistent training regimen.

Is 6 day push pull legs too much?

A 6-day push-pull-legs routine can be effective if balanced with adequate rest and recovery, but it may be too much for some individuals, depending on their fitness level, recovery rate, and overall physical condition.

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