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As arms the most dominant part in the whole body when size combined with genetics that will produce an outstanding look and as you know each bodybuilder genetics is different and when it comes to Triceps as it is a three heads it has such a rounded shape different than biceps and to be honest a large triceps will always make the arms look huge so here we will find out how can you develop your triceps to such level


When having a struggle to develop your triceps it is most probably workout issue after genetics, and again workout can alter your genetics big time, so if you want a 3d rounded look let us have a look at those effective workout


Just doing any simple triceps exercise weather light weight with high reps or heavy weights won’t make your triceps bigger there is a more complicated approach

Warm sets:

Your triceps involve the maximum loads on your elbows so make sure you warm up well

1. EZ Skullcrusher:

4 sets X 12 reps

that exercise has been the favorite one for most bodybuilders although it is not an isolation exercise as it does move two heads at the same time, you have to place your arms perpendicular to your body and move the bar slowly up to your forehead then then upward without moving your elbows

2. Close grip bench press:

4 sets X 12 reps

That exercise got many confused weather its chest or Triceps , well it do involve both muscles but if you push the bar and return it back as lower as you can towards the lower part of your chest then you primary muscle will be triceps, try to narrow your elbow and not let it open as it will increase the chance of an elbow injury

3. Cable push down:

If we go back to the golden age of bodybuilding you will find that this is the main exercise and guess what until today it is the most famous Triceps exercise as it is considered isolation exercise it do activate the lateral head of the triceps, it is important that you always go up slowly to avoid sudden movement on your elbows and when you go down try to squeeze the triceps

4. Cable Overhead Extension with Rope:

3 sets X 8-10 reps

it is considered an isolation specific for long head you need to put the pulley on top and lead forward and lock your upper arms by the sides of your head and then extend your arms fully

5. Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension:

3 Sets X 10 reps

It will target the long head but the key thing of that exercise is to stretch the triceps as much as you can so you can have the largest angle of the movement try to cross your hands around the dumbbell

6. Dips:

Preferably last one 3 sets X 12 reps

That is a popular exercise among most athletes not only bodybuilders, it is considered a compound exercise where it involves the lower chest and triceps, you can always start with adding weight to reduce load if you have the machine if not then you can start with lower reps as it will involve your bodyweight

For advanced bodybuilders they can add use dip belt with chain

7. Rope pushdown:

It looks similar to cable pushdown but here is the trick, because it is a rope it can be easier to change the hand movement in order to isolate the longer head of the triceps so you will have to let your hand outside while pushing down that will concentrate the focus on the outer side which is the longer head

Overhead Triceps Extension:

3 sets X 12 reps

That is the best exercise to hit the medial head, when it grows it makes the arm massive, that exercise can be cheated easy so you have to maintain a no move for the elbows and arms to be perpendicular


So, doing all these exercises as its is won’t make your triceps grow, you need to have different techniques to put your triceps in the maximum stress so then you will see a major transformation

So always do non regular workout for example super sets so basically just combined every two exercises together without rest

If you need maximum stress you have to try giant sets,

So those sets are 4 combines sets in one go so you can push your workout to the max but without proper nutrition and proper sleep again it is just a normal day to day workout

You can also try the technique of triceps post chest or shoulders and you will see a complete explosion in your triceps

Good luck


How do you hit your triceps effectively?

To effectively hit your triceps, perform exercises targeting all three heads of the muscle, such as close-grip bench presses, tricep dips, overhead extensions, and pushdowns. Focus on proper form, full range of motion, and progressively increase weight for optimal development.

How do I get super strong triceps?

To get super strong triceps, consistently perform a variety of tricep-focused exercises like close-grip bench presses, skull crushers, and tricep dips, progressively increase weights, ensure proper form, and incorporate adequate rest and nutrition for muscle recovery and growth.

Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad
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