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Enhancing Drugs (Non-Steroidal)

As you know Performance Enhancing drugs are being used widely in bodybuilding, it is important to know the PED or performance-enhancing drugs are not all steroids some are and some are not, here we will discuss the non-steroidal enhancing drugs

1. CLENBUTROL – FDA non-approved

Uses in bodybuildingFat burner, in PCT (post cycle therapy)
Other usesAsthma and breathing problems
How it worksClenbutrol increases your general BMR (Base metabolic rate) up to 10% by raising heart rate especially during activities and it is a safe drug
Side effectsit causes headache sometimes and hands shakily and muscle cramps (high doses), slight reduction for appetite
Doses and stacking20 mg up to 140 mg (over 220 lbs) before workout
1 week on and 1 week off
Clenbutrol table

2. HGH (Human Growth Hormone) – FDA Approved

Uses in bodybuildingMuscle Building, Fat Burning, increase exercise capacity,
speed up recovery, boost metabolism
Other usesTreat children poor growth, treat muscle loss, increases
bone mass, Anti-aging
How it worksIt is produced naturally in the body and after 20 years old it starts to decline, so stacking it from outside makes the body recovery and muscle building high by boosting metabolism and muscle tissue repair
Side effectsrisk of increased insulin resistance, arm numbing, increase risk of certain cancer if it is hereditary, it is the safest drug
Doses and stackingBeginners: 1iu per day
Bodybuilders 150 lbs: 2iu
Bodybuilders 220 lbs: 4iu
Bodybuilders 300 lbs: 6iu – 10iu
best to take before sleep and no carbs for 2 hours or early morning half and before sleep half
a diet should be taken place with clean food 5 to 7 meals
HGH table

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CrazyBulk HGH-X2 (الموجهة الجسدية HGH البديل) التعليقات والنتائج – TheVitLab

3. INSULIN – FDA approved

Uses in bodybuildingMuscle Building, Fat Burning, prevent muscle breakdown
Other usesDiabetics
How it worksNatural insulin is released by the pancreas after eating a meal containing sugar, carbohydrates, or fats then it releases into the bloodstream transferring the glucose to the muscles for immediate energy and to liver for storage, artificial insulin works the same but from outside and can handle more glucose levels to be boosted in the muscles
Side effectsHunger, shakiness, fast heart rate, tingling in legs, hands, or lips, blurred vision, Increase the risk of diabetes, increase risk of kidney failure, and if not adjusted properly or overdose can cause faint or death
Doses and stackingto be stacked 10 -15 minutes before a meal or immediately after a meal, best to be taken first thing in the morning then your meal and post-workout before your meal, safe dosage 2-5iu
Diet should be taken place with clean food 5 to 7 meals
Insulin table
Insulin needle


Peptides are a short chain of amino acids little molecules that forms the protein building blocks, most peptides form naturally in our bodies and they are also derived from food sources like eggs, fish, meat, and soybeans, and milk

4. IGF-1 (INSULIN LIKE GROWTH FACTOR) – (Peptides) – FDA approved

Uses in bodybuildingIncrease muscle tissue, fat burning, increase metabolism
Other usesother functions include tissue and bone growth
How it worksIGF-1 is found naturally in our blood it is similar to Insulin, it’s job is to manage GH, most protein food increases the natural IGF-1 in the blood, stacking IGF-1 from outside causes the body to produce more natural GH
Side effectsjoint and muscle pain, headaches, Hypoglycemia, increased risk of developing cancer if it is heridetary
Doses and stackingMen: 40 to 50 mcg
Women: 10 to 20 mcg up to 4 months
Diet should be taken place with clean food 5 to 7 meals
IGF1 table

5. GHRP (GROWTH HORMONE RELEASING PEPTIDE) – Synthetic only – FDA Non-Approved

Uses in bodybuildingMuscle Building, Fat Burning, Increase metabolism
Other usesincludes improved sex drive, enhanced sexual function, improved mood, and stimulated hair growth
How it worksGHRP-2 and GHRP-6 the latter works higher they both contain 28 amino acids which increase HGH rapidly so it causes a very high metabolism which makes you hungry all the time and in return, it increases muscle mass and loses fat in a short period of time
Side effectsdizziness, sugar crash if not had your meal, sweating
Doses and stacking20-50 mcg daily for a max of 6-7 weeks.
Diet should be taken place with clean food 5 to 7 meals

6. CJC PEPTIDE (growth hormone-releasing hormone) – Synthetic only – Non- FDA Approved

Uses in bodybuildingMuscle Building, Fat Burning, Increase strength
Other usesanti-aging treatments, inflammatory conditions, energy deficiencies, mood disorders, and sleep issues
How it worksCJC-1295 works by triggering the pituitary gland in the brain to produce a more natural growth hormone which is normally reduced or even lost with age
Side effectsheadache, and dizziness
Doses and stacking1-2 mg injected once per week (due to its long half-life)
do not consume any carbs or fats 2 hours before injection
Diet should be taken place with clean food 5 to 7 meals
CJC Table


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